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Professor Song Limei Obtains National Invention Patent

  Source: School of Chemical Engineering    Release time: Mar.23, 2021

  Recently, the scientific research results ofa water-soluble terbium-doped calcium fluoride nano particles, preparation method and application conducted by Prof. Song Limei with her research groupobtained the national invention patent authorization (Patent number: ZL201810175271 .9). The invention provides a water-soluble terbium-doped calcium fluoride nano particle and preparing method. The rice particle can identify transition metal ions, and solves the problem that the terbium-doped fluoride that can be dissolved in water is rarely prepared in the prior art. The water solubility and luminescence intensity of the prepared nano particles and terbium-doped nano particles are contradictory. The preparation method of the invention is simple, easy to amplify, good controllability, and excellent product performance, and is expected to be used in analytical chemistry, biology, medical fluorescent probes, tracers, anti-counterfeiting and other fields.

  Introduction to the thermal barrier materials research team: The team was established in September 2020 and currently has 6 teachers (Li Jing, Wang Liuchang, Zhu Gang, Ren Hongjiang, Song Limei, and Li Jiangtao) and 12 undergraduates taking part in undergraduate training program for innovation and entrepreneurship . The team adheres to the concept of subject integration and mutual intersection. The series of organic small molecule drugs, rare earth fluorides and manganese oxide compound nano materials, carbon/silicon composite materials that have been synthesized have shown good results in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, luminescence analysis, and energy storage. Application prospects, scientific research results have been published in internationally renowned journals in this field.