General Information

Located in Xi’an, the provincial capital of Shaanxi, Xi’an University is a full-time undergraduate university and recruits new students nationwide, which was approved by the Chinese Education Ministry in 2003, sponsored by the People’s Government of Xi’an Municipality and built with jointly effort of the provincial and municipal governments. After integrating the original Xi’an College with the original Xi’an Teachers College, the original Xi’an Institute of Education, the original Xi’an Kindergarten Teachers College and the original Xi’an Normal College successively, the predecessor of our university can be traced back to the original Shaanxi Normal School established in 1903.

Under the guideline of the nation’s educational policy of “student-oriented education with character-building as first priority” and in combination with her Guanzhong Academy’s commitment to the traditional philosophy of “practice, application, simplicity and dedication”, XU upholds the motto of “Morality, Diligence, Practice and Excellence”. The University has established “Localization, Application and Openization” as her orientation for education while making constant effort on her upgrading strive to transform the University into an innovation-driven institution of higher learning with high inner value and competitive quality. In 2011, Xi'an-U successfully passed the evaluation of Undergraduate Teaching Work of the Ministry of Education and became one of Shaanxi Provincial designated pilot units to award dual bachelor degree in 2013. In 2014, it became the pilot university for the transformation and development of Shaanxi Province and the demonstration unit to jointly cultivate postgraduate with partner universities. In 2016, Xi’an-U became the pilot university of National Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Experimental Zone in Xi’an. Xi’an-U has 3 campuses: the Gaoxin Campus, the Taibai Campus and Shuyuan Gampus. The university covers a total area of approximately 122 acres, a total construction area of 470,700 square meters, and it has1.53 million volumes of books and materials, a total asset value of 1.38 billion yuan (a total value of 1.078 billion yuan in fixed assets), and total value of 186 million yuan in teaching instrument and equipment.

Xi’an-U currently has 1,179 staff members and 721 full-time teachers. There are 359 senior title teachers and 532 master’s degree or above. There are 3 external academicians of the two institutes; 17 experts of national, provincial and municipal levels; 5 provincial Teaching Masters, 2 provincial outstanding teachers, 3 provincial moral standard teachers and advanced individuals, and 4 candidates for Hundred-Talent Program (Chinese Academy of Sciences) in Shaanxi province.

The university offers 10 categories of disciplines including literature, science, technology, education, management, economics, law, history, agriculture, arts , covering 48 undergraduate programs. Currently, it has 12256 full-time students. There are 12 secondary colleges, 1 continuing education college, 4 provincial key disciplines, 3 provincial comprehensive reform pilot programs, 1 provincial first-class construction programs, 6 provincial first-class orientation programs, 4 provincial specialized program centers, 7 provincial teaching teams, 6 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 3 provincial training mode innovation experimental zones, 2 provincial off-campus practice bases, 1 provincial key research base of philosophy and social sciences, 1 provincial key laboratory, 2 municipal engineering laboratory. Besides, there are 17 provincial excellent and resource sharing courses, 1 provincial bilingual teaching demonstration course and 4 provincial online courses on teacher education.

Recent years have witnessed the rapid uplift in the quality of our university’s candidates and the significant rise in the enrollment ranking. The employment rate of the graduates keeps over 90%. Over 400 different awards have been won in both national and provincial contests, such as the National Undergraduate "Challenge Cup", "Internet +", “Electronics Design Contest” and “China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling”. 22 National Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Programs and 55 Provincial Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Programs have been approved respectively. Xi’an University has cultivated a large number of outstanding graduates who have made a great contribution to the society, including FuHao, former Vice Foreign Minister, professor Weijie of Tsinghua University, professor Dou Er-xiang of Peking University, professor Kang Zhen of Beijing Normal University, Yuguo, a famous photographer, and Gao Yajin, a national model teacher.

In collaboration with governments, enterprises and social organizations, our university has established quite a few research institutes concerning the history and culture studies of Chang'an, local development of education, society and economy, coordinated development of urban and rural areas, environmental protection of QinLing Mountains, Clean Government studies, tourism development, calligraphy and arts, education and culture development along the Silk Road countries, and Alibaba Big Data studies.

The recent three years have seen the fruitful research results made by our faculties in the publication of over 700 papers, and more than 100 monographs and teaching materials. More than 481 research projects at national, provincial and municipal levels have been finished,126 patent applications have been approved, and 68 research awards have been granted by provincial and municipal governments.

Xi’an-U has established friendly cooperation with many universities in the United States, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hungary, Italy and China Taiwan and Hong Kong. Exchange students for internships, academic education, and overseas study; sending young teachers to study abroad, conduct collaborative research, and training. Nearly 300 students have been sent to the United States, Japan, Hungary, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong for internship and practice, and nearly 200 international students from South Korea, Thailand, Central Asia countries have been sent to Xi’an-U.

Xi’an-U has won in succession 40 honorary titles, including Advanced Community of Construction of Teacher’s Morality at Provincial Level, Spiritual Campus at Provincial Level, Safe Campus at Provincial Level, Health Demonstration Unit at Provincial Level, Green Unit at Provincial Level, and Excellent Assessment Unit at Municipal Level. Guided by principle of building future based on history and tirelessly going forward, we will take quality promotion as its core, embark on the inclusive development path so as to build ourselves into a talent base for society, an innovative base with more featuring contributions, and an influential education base. Our aim is to develop into an applied metropolitan university that will coordinate with the demands of Xi’an, serve the construction of Xi’an, and integrate with the development of Xi’an.