Going to university means a lot more than just getting a qualification. What else will your gain from Xi'an-U more importantly, is it all really worth it? Here are just a few benefits of going to Xi'an-U:
  • Development of employability skills
     With more than 60% of graduate jobs disregarding the subject of study, it is not just a degree that employers will look for. For many, the focus is on the essential employability skills that students acquire throughout their university life, such as self confidence, communication, commitment, initiative, teamwork and time management.In Xi'an-U, many courses also provide opportunities to gain valuable work experience relevant to your degree, which often leads to employment after graduation.
More interest in your course
      Xi'an-U is a big opportunity for you to study something youreally love, which means you are far more likely to have an enjoyable experience as well as gain those all important employability skills. There are over 200 courses available to study in the Xi'an-U, so there is sure to be something that suits you.
  • Improved career prospects
     Obtaining a higher education qualification, such as a degree, will significantly improve you career prospects. A degree is a gateway to employment, with forecasts predicting that 50% of all job vacancies from now until 2020 will be in areas most likely to demand graduates.Not only will there be a wider variety of career options on offer, including the potentially lucrative graduate job market, but once they have graduated they are more likely to be promoted to managerial positions – many organisations are now employing graduates for special trainee schemes.
  • Independence
        Going to university is very different to school or college. You will learn lots about a subject that really interests you – but it is really up to you to make the most of it. With a greater emphasis on independent and self-directed study in Xi'an-U, you will be expected to do far more work yourself than ever before, which is excellent preparation for the real world when you come to look for a job.
  • Social life
       Xi'an-U always regard that the social aspect is an important consideration when choosing where and what to study. You will have the opportunity to develop skills through your social interactions that cannot be taught in a classroom environment and that will be attractive to future employers. Meeting new people and making new friends is a huge part of Xi'an-U community life. People from all backgrounds and area go to here, so Xi'an-U will be a great chance for you to develop your communication skills, learn about different cultures and societies and broaden your horizons.