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The Mobilization Conference for The CPC History Study and Education Opens

Source:Publicity Department of the Party Committee                Release time: Mar.12, 2021

  On March 12,the mobilization conference for the CPC history study and educationwas held in Xi’an-U.All the university leaders, cadres at the divisional level, young cadres on temporary post,and staffs from the first and second sessions for young cadres training programs attended the conference. 

  The conference focused on the important speeches delivered by Xi Jinping at the Mobilization Conference for the CPC History Study and Education, the document of the CPC Central Committee on Implementing the CPC History Study and Education in the whole Party, the spirits of the Mobilization Conference of the Ministry of Education and the provincial and municipal CPC committees. The conference also mobilized the study and education of the CPC history in the university.

  In the conference, it was stressed that the CPC history study and education is a major policy decisionmade by the CPC Central Committee to coordinate the overall strategy of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and major changes unseen in a century and to mobilize the whole Party and the whole country to devote to the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country with confidence.

  It is also proposed that it should be necessary to grasp the study and education of the CPC history from the historical, theoretical, and realistic dimensions and to promote the development of university-oriented work with the results of study and education. The CPC history study and education is to test the effectiveness of learning and education with the achievements of educational reform and development and to ensure that the first step of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and to inspire the university to build into a high-level city university with distinctive characteristics to welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Founding of the CPC with excellent results.

  After the conference, a report on the study of the CPC history was delivered.