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About XUAS
General Information
  Xi’an University (XU) is located in the city of Xi’an, known as an ancient world-famous historical and cultural city. It covers an area of 50 hectares with a total construction area of 350,000 square meters. Its library boasts a collection of more than 1,220,000 books and its teaching instruments and equipment totals 70 million RMB in value. At present, it has more than 13,000 undergraduates coming from all parts of China. Currently, XU offers 37 bachelor's degree programs, falling into 9 disciplines, namely: Literature, Natural Science, Engineering, Education, Management, Law, History, Agriculture, and Art. Specialties, such as Art Design, Chinese Language and Literature, Computer Science and Technology, Applied Chemistry have been acknowledged as the provincial characteristic specialty construction sites. Seven courses have been categorized as the provincial top-quality courses, Analytical Chemistry Series Courses and Chang’an History and Culture Series Courses Teaching Teams have been rated as the provincial teaching teams, “Chemistry Experiment Teaching Center” , as the provincial experiment teaching demonstration center; “Creative and Practical Talent Training Mode for Art Design” and “Applied Talent Training Mode for Software Service Outsourcing” , as the provincial talent training mode innovative and experimental zones; Molecular Biology, as the provincial bilingual teaching model course. Besides, Ancient Chinese Literature, Specialized History, Analytical Chemistry, Atomic and Molecular Physics have been classified as the provincial key disciplines.
  The University issues three periodicals, namely, Tangdu Journal, Journal of Xi’an University (Social Science Edition & Natural Science Edition respectively). Tangdu Journal has been ranked as one of the core journals by China Periodicals Phalanx Double-effect Periodicals, as well as one of the Top 100 National Social Science Journal, and one of the core journals by China Humanities and Social Science. The University has established the following academic research centers and institutions, such as Chang’an History and Culture Research Center (Shaanxi University Philosophy and Social Science Research Base), International Livelihood and Culture Research Institution, Regional Education Research Center, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art Research Center. In addition, under the secondary colleges are China Wang Wei Research Institute, Sinological Research Institute, Calligraphy Education Research Institute, Xi’an Economic Development Research Center, Marxism Sinicization Research Institute, Photoelectric Technology Research Institute, Xi’an Middle School New Curriculum Teaching Reform Research Institute, Water Resources Protection Research Institute, Shaanxi Contemporary Literature Research Institute, and Preschool Education Research Institute. In the past three years,more than 500 papers have been published in the national authoritative journals and core periodicals, nearly 100 academic works and textbooks have been published. The University has already undertaken over 100 research projects at either national or provincial levels.
  The University attaches greater importance to the construction of a high-quality teaching staff, now it has a faculty of over 1100, including 264 professors and associate professors, which makes up 41% of the full-time teachers, and 347 teachers have been awarded either master or doctor degrees, which makes up 54% of the total number. In addition, 34 professors at home and abroad are invited to work part time; meanwhile there are 3 foreign experts and 40 more returnees from overseas study. The University also has a group of either provincially or nationally renowned experts and scholars, many of them have been awarded the title of either provincial master teachers, pedagogical models or national, provincial and municipal experts.
  With greater emphasis on international and cultural exchange, XU has received some students from Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, USA), Uiduk University (South Korea), Yonok University (Thailand) and Kyoto University of Arts and Design (Japan). Simultaneously, by exchanging teachers and students, XUAS has forged close cooperative relations with the following universities: Kyoto University of Arts and Design (Japan), State Mining University of Ukraine (Ukraine), Yonok University (Thailand), State University of New York at Canton (USA), Ling Tung University (Taiwan), Overseas Chinese University (Taiwan) and Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology (Taiwan), etc. Furthermore, XU have sent some students to USA to get heavily involved in the social practice during summer vacations, having provided them a platform for education, practice and cultural exchange.
  With the university motto of “reasonable orientation for achieving its own characteristics, intrinsic development for improving its quality, innovative reform for speeding up its development, enhancing opening and serving the society, XU is committed to improving its educational quality, developing its own characteristics and cultivating application-orientated talents with solid foundations, strong abilities and high quality. Since its establishment, the University has sent tens of thousands of graduates to different schools and institutions, some of them have won the honorary titles of national outstanding teachers, some have become the backbone of various professions and still others have become leaders. In recent years, some students have won hundreds of prizes in the international and national competitions. The University is greatly honored to have won many titles, “Provincial Civilization Campus”, “Municipal Civilization Unit”, “Provincial Safety Campus”, and “Provincial Garden Unit”, etc.

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